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Over time the external links on this page are likely to be for mobile cycle mechanics; bike shops in Hull & East Riding and North Yorkshire; and cycle events in and around the Yorkshire Wolds.

2 thoughts on “External Links”

  1. I found you from Twitter.

    For a few years now I’ve wanted to cycle around the locations of all of the places where David Hockney painted many of his paintings.

    Over a few months a number of years ago I found most of the painting locations and put them on yocc.co.uk along with grid references and coordinates. A bike ride from the first painting near Warter to to the last at Bridlington would be around 50 miles.

    It could make for a good bike ride.

    1. Hi, Simon.

      Yes, I’ve seen your web site before. It’s quite an undertaking. Good work.

      I do like a nice theme, and I may well put together a Hockney Trail type route. I seem to remember looking at doing something before, but never got round to it.

      I’m still tweaking the format of the web site, but if such a trail should appear it is likely to be under the category ‘Shorter Loops’ that can be accessed from the navigation panel rather than the navigation bar. Cheers – Chris.

      [Edit May 2024: see the ‘Hockney Trail: a cyclist’s route‘.]

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