Green Lane Helperthorpe Yorkshire Wolds cycling hill climb

Cycling Climbs: Green Lane, Helperthorpe

I first glimpsed this climb when riding one of the Hockney-themed Big Skies Bike Rides: Sledmere County from Sledmere. At the bottom of the slope pictured below a left turn (along the actual Green Lane) takes the rider looking for a sub20-mile loop towards Havering and back to Sledmere. But there was something about the way the road disappeared in to the overhanging trees, shrouded by foliage like some lost horizon, that made me want to come back and seek out this modest, yet rewarding climb.

Green Lane, Helperthorpe
Approaching the Green Lane climb from Helperthorpe

And so I put together a few routes that first went right at the T junction that is ultimately arrived at on the way to Sherburn via the twisting descent of Sherburn Grits. From Sherburn I invariably head north to Snainton over the Vale of Pickering before returning to the Wolds via Yedingham and West Heslerton. However, I thought I’d try a left turn at that T junction and I wasn’t disappointed. Though it would make the ride much shorter, the descent of Whin Moor (given the name “Watch Out For The Cars?” by some Strava wag) is an absolute joy, with beautiful pastoral scenery that flashes by on the way back to West Lutton. (To be fair, you really should watch out for the cars on this twisting freefall.)

Green Lane Helperthorpe Strava local legend
To my surprise I find that, with just three rides in as many months, it seems that I am the (not so) ‘local legend’ for this Strava segment, over in a different county to my own. Where are you all?

Just like Grimston Brow (Luddith Road) this is an unthreatening climb, and perhaps overlooked, but is one that opens up yet further route options for the Yorkshire Wolds cyclist, adding to the almost limitless possibilities offered by the network of quiet lanes in this beautiful area. If you haven’t already made it out that way I thoroughly recommend it.

Green Ln Climb STRAVA
View Green Ln Climb in Strava

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