Field House Farm Campsite Tibthorpe

Field House Farm Campsite, Tibthorpe

Ride #5 – “Trois Monts” Stamford Bridge and hills (50 miles, clockwise) – via Millington Dale, Great Givendale, Bishop Wilton, and the climbs of Acklam, Hanging Grimston and Painsthorpe showcases three of the tougher hill climbs of the Yorkshire Wolds. It deliberately follows parts of the Stamford Bridge Big Skies Bike Ride – and the ascent of Thrussendale Road, Acklam – but throws in Hanging Grimston and Painsthorpe for good measure.

The hills on this route are three of the seven in the Yorkshire Wolds that feature in Simon Warren’s ‘Cycling Climbs of Yorkshire – A Road Cyclist’s Guide’ (review here). NB Uncleby Wold is a long, steep descent. Enjoy!

Field House Farm Campsite Ride 5 Trois Monts

See the “Trois Monts” ride as an activity in Garmin Connect and as a Strava segment.

Refreshment opportunities in Stamford Bridge, but this isn’t a long ride.

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