Field House Farm Campsite Tibthorpe

Field House Farm Campsite, Tibthorpe

Ride #4 – “Red Kite Bike Ride” Goodmanham (64 miles, largely clockwise) via Lund, Goodmanham, Pocklington Millington, Warter, Huggate and North Dalton is a shameless rehash of the longer version of my bird of prey-themed route. A bonus feature here is that the ride starts and ends with a long descent. The route is a little circuitous – just remember to turn right at the top of Millington Dale – but could be cut short as Huggate is within sight twice before the third and final approach – the shallow climb from North Dalton.

Be aware that this route follows the B1246 from the top of Baggaby Hill towards Pocklington (although we turn off for Nunburnholme as the road begins to flatten out). I’ve never encountered any traffic problems, but do keep a check on your speed going down this long descent.

This ride features a number of quietly testing climbs and is my favourite 100km ‘lumpy’ route in the area. You may even spot a Red Kite or two along the way.

Field House Farm Campsite Ride 4 Red Kite Bike Ride

View the “Red Kite Bike Ride” as a Garmin Connect course.

Refreshment opportunities in Goodmanham, Kilnwick Percy and Huggate.

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