Field House Farm Campsite Tibthorpe

Field House Farm Campsite, Tibthorpe

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Field House Farm near Tibthorpe is an ‘off-grid’ campsite east of Huggate on the Way of the Roses cycle route and three miles from the course of the Yorkshire Wolds Cycle Route. It opened in July 2021 as a ‘pop-up’ site, but there are plans for it to be a more permanent base.

Here’s what Dixe Wills, travel writer for the Guardian, wrote about the countryside in which Field House Farm Campsite is set, between Huggate and Tibthorpe, after completing the Way of the Roses for the first time:

And furthermore, I was ready for the question every cyclist gets asked about a long-distance ride: What’s your favourite bit? My answer? The four miles on the way to the village of Tibthorpe, about 20 miles from the east coast: huge skies, an empty road beneath my wheels and the sylvan countryside below melting away in the summer haze. I’m ashamed to say I threw my arms out wide and, coming over all Leonardo DiCaprio, shouted out, “I’m the king of the wold”. Which just goes to show that country air may not be so good for you after all.

As well as being a potential overnight stop for those riding the Way of the Roses the campsite is in a prime location for cyclists looking for a base in the Yorkshire Wolds from which to complete a range of day rides. Many Yorkshire Wolds accommodation providers rightly state that visitors can enjoy excellent cycling nearby, but for those from outside the area it is not always obvious where to start. This post is the first in the category ‘Ride Base Loops‘ that aims to give visiting cyclists at least five different loop options starting and ending at the same fixed base.

NB some loops cross over main roads and occasionally travel a short distance along busier roads which shouldn’t trouble confident touring and road cyclists. However, the usual disclaimers apply about no liability being accepted as a result of following these suggested routes.

All rides are saved as ‘courses’ in Garmin Connect and those that have been recorded in Strava are created as ‘segments’. Quicklinks below for the six rides from Field House Farm Campsite, Tibthorpe:

Ride #1 – High Mowthorpe (38 miles, anti-clockwise) via Sledmere, West Lutton, Duggleby, Birdsall, Thixendale and Huggate

Links for the High Mowthorpe ride Garmin Connect activity and Strava segment.

Field House Farm Campsite Ride 1 High Mowthorpe

Visit the page for Ride # 1 High Mowthorpe

Ride #2 – Snainton (58 miles, figure 8) via Wetwang, Sledmere, Sherburn, West Heslerton, Driffield and Hutton Cranswick.

The Snainton ride as a Garmin Connect course.

Field House Farm Campsite Ride 2 Snainton

Visit the page for Ride # 2 – Snainton

Ride #3 – Castle Howard (64 miles, anti-clockwise) via Driffield, Cowlam, Settrington, Malton, Leavening, Millington Dale and Huggate.

The Castle Howard ride as a Garmin Connect course.

Field House Farm Campsite Ride 3 Castle Howard

Visit the page for Ride # 3 – Castle Howard

Ride #4 – “Red Kite Bike Ride” Goodmanham (64 miles, largely clockwise) via Lund, Goodmanham, Pocklington Millington, Warter, Huggate and North Dalton.

The “Red Kite Bike Ride” as a Garmin Connect course.

Field House Farm Campsite Ride 4 Red Kite Bike Ride

Visit the page for Ride # 4 – “Red Kite Bike Ride”

Ride #5 – “Trois Monts” Stamford Bridge and hills (50 miles, clockwise) via Millington Dale, Great Givendale, Bishop Wilton, and the climbs of Acklam, Hanging Grimston and Painsthorpe.

The “Trois Monts” ride in Garmin Connect.

Field House Farm Campsite Ride 5 Trois Monts

Visit the page for Ride # 5 – “Trois Monts”, Acklam, Hanging Grimston and Painsthorpe via Stamford Bridge

Ride #6 – Goodmanham (33 miles, clockwise) via Lund, Burnby, Warter and Huggate.

The Goodmanham ride as a Garmin Connect course.

Field House Farm Campsite Ride 6 Goodmanham

Visit the page for Ride #6 – Goodmanham via Lund, Burnby, Warter and Huggate

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