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This, entirely unofficial, web site is intended as a resource for cyclists riding in and around the Yorkshire Wolds. Although its primary focus is the Yorkshire Wolds Cycle Route you will also find information on shorter rides; the Big Skies Bike Rides; hill climbs on the Yorkshire Wolds; cycle events; the all-important cafés in the area, and much more. Rather than just taking the form of static pages such as those found in the navigation menu of this web site, the ‘Home’ page returns the latest post in the manner of a blog. This should mean the web site is updated fairly often.


I bought this domain two years after riding the proposed version of the Yorkshire Wolds Cycle Route in 2011. I found it hard to believe that unlike the Way of the Roses there was no web site dedicated to this wonderful tour of the Yorkshire Wolds. So I thought I’d create one. Then I met Rupert Douglas, co-creator of the route, to ride the Stamford Bridge West Wolds Big Skies Bike Ride. Amongst other things we discussed my thoughts about doing something with this web site. He told me there were plans to create an online resource of the sort I had in mind: cycleyorkshirewolds.com would become the official web site [edit: but since March 2021 it was no longer being updated and Rupert suggested that Visit East Yorkshire might want to link to this site instead].

I agreed not to do anything with yorkshirewoldscycleroute.co.uk for the time being – “It’s your baby, Rupert”. Five years after meeting Rupert I rode the Yorkshire Wolds Cycle Route again and felt it would be an appropriate time to finally draw together information that might help cyclists wishing to enjoy the beautiful Yorkshire Wolds, and to record my own travels through the myriad lanes that make the area such a marvellous place to ride.

With this web site I hope to carry on the excellent work done by Rupert and others in establishing the route, and maintain an up-to-date, informative resource written from the point of view of a local rider – along the lines of a football supporters’ “fanzine”, if you will – with a passion for cycling in and around the wonderful Yorkshire Wolds.

If you would like to get in touch you can email me:
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Disclaimer and Copyright

All information on this site is given in good faith. No liability is accepted for any loss, damage or injury sustained whilst cycling in and around the Yorkshire Wolds or otherwise using the information on this web site.

All images on this web site are copyright yorkshirewoldscycleroute.co.uk unless otherwise stated.

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